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Now we are NAZIs?

It has long been my belief that when the level of discourse degrades to the point that people start calling each other NAZIs, the conversation has left the realm of reason and was over. Since obama and democrats have come into power the word is used a lot more. I even did it in my first post here.

Why is it acceptable all of a sudden? Is it acceptable because the speaker of the house of representatives used it to describe town hall protestors angry about the health care bill and other dem initiatives?

History has a way of repeating itself for those that don’t learn it’s lessons the first time around. In our case, we seem to be jumping head first into the repeat of 1930s Germany.

NAZI is a German word for the National Socialist Party that eventually came to power. In the depression between world wars one and two, Germany in it’s quest for real leadership, elected a charismatic, eloquent, but relatively unknown leader. The rest is history.

You say that it can’t happen here? Why not? Germany in that era was a center of culture, education, and art. They had strong industry, and yet were very avid environmentalists. Hitler himself was said to be a vegan. Eventually they found themselves leaning toward socialism.  What is different?

Today’s version has the democrats trying to nationalize everything, and many democrats openly loathe capitalism and seek a socialist future. The scary part comes when they start stifling dissent.

When the town hall protesters started lashing out, they caught the dems by surprise. In a moment of projection, they accused the grass roots of being an organized mob. Yes pelosi also called them NAZIs.

Then they jumped and loaded the democrat rental outrage mobs and union thugs on buses and started disrupting town hall meetings. Many were permitted early entrance to be able to skew the crowd strongly favorable to the democrat bad ideas. In MO they actually had union thugs beat up a black guy, complete with racial slurs, because he was selling ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ stuff.

The guy that stood up in Michigan to ask what would become of his disabled adult son had union thugs visit his house and deliver a threat. He has now made it clear that there would be a lethal response if they returned or carried out their intimidation.

It has been stated that when someone speaks out against the health care scam that the white house and DNC would hit back twice as hard.

They have now enlisted the shock troops from ACORN, obama’s campaign base of about 8 million activists, and union mobs and turned it on the populus.

Long ago obama spoke of his desire to have a civilian force that would be funded as well as the US military. It set off some warning flags among conservatives, but was largely ignored. Now we know that wasn’t such a good idea. Those are going to be storm troopers coming to bust your head and arrest you and put you into internment camps if you disagree with the government.

I liked the part about where you were supposed to snitch out friends and e-mailers directly to the white house. I laughed when a guy at a town hall meeting told obama that he was one of the people that turned himself in. ROFL. That e-mail was propagated by no less than Rush Limbaugh himself, and no doubt millions responded by turning themselves in. It is all funny until the thugs show up at your door.

People that stocked up on guns and ammo when obama got elected were promptly branded as kooks and extremists. Sort of like the people at the town halls. Hmm.

Let us jump back and look at the big picture. We have a government that is pushing an agenda that is wildly unpopular with the population. The media is behind the agenda and will skew reports against the people. Should someone speak out in the media, the white house and the DNC will shout them down. They also have people shouting citizens down at town meetings. They have union thugs beating people up and visiting their houses to threaten them.

Does anyone else find this horribly disturbing?

The American people got a real snoot full of hope and change with all of that last week. They don’t like it, not one bit.  If the election was tomorrow, people would vote to go back to W Bush, at least until the ACORNs stole the election.

People are watching now. If the democrats ignore them and go ahead with their destructive agenda, there will be another vote for change next November.

My question right now is, when will the first shot of the revolution be fired? Will it be hot lead into the gut of an obama union thug beating someone up, or will it come after they ignore the next election and declare themselves in power permanently?

The democrats have been in power in the legislature since the 2006 election, but had W in the white house. Now nine months into complete democrat control under obama, we have a level of thuggery that is starting a revolution. Let us just pray that we can keep that revolution a peaceful one.


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