Turnspeak about the Town Hall Mobs

This week our dullard congressman Steve Kagan (D-WI) returned home to his district. As is traditional, he held town hall listening sessions. As with most democrat congress critters, he was met with an angry mob. Like most of them, he sat and took it, determined that the people were wrong, and he knew better.

The people have a lot to be mad about. Cap and trade, cash for clunkers, the porkulus bailout, and the big issue, the attempted state takeover of health care. The democrats are in power from top to bottom, and the graft, corruption, and generally terrible ideas are rampant and multiplying.

The democrats don’t see it that way.  They are in power from top to bottom, and suddenly the US has the potential to be a utopia once again. Life will be all puppies and rainbows if we can just slam through their agenda this week.

Their little pipe dream was shattered when they encountered the angry voter. Town hall meetings were unruly and packed with angry citizens.

The democrats promptly dismissed these angry mobs as being shills for K Street lobbyists, insurance companies, drug companies, and right wing extremists.  That only threw gasoline on the fire. People were outraged at the Orwellian  TURNSPEAK being uttered by the party that gave 4 billion dollars to ACORN, has a community organizer in chief, and dozens and dozens of organizations like Move On, Code Pink, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, and so many other crooked government funded leftist organizations and activist groups.

These people don’t have wings, most voted for the dem that they were yelling at, and they have no idea what a K Street lobbyist is. Democrats had to scrub the country to try to find an organized party to hold up to the glare of the state run media and shout “Seee!”. They found one guy with like 32 contacts, mostly family. The rest they fabricated or blamed on TEA party organizers networking through Facebook.

In the meantime, Obama and the DNC called up THEIR numerous rental outrage mobs, sent out fundraising and disruption instruction e-mails, and promptly contacted their own K Street lobbying groups and the drug companies that were helping to write the outrage that they want to pass as national health care policy. One group alone at obama’s whim is 12 million strong.

The hypocrisy is not only stunning,  it is transparent. Suddenly thousands of real grass roots voters were being denied their say and being dismissed as shills for political operatives. They have no idea what a K Street lobbyist is, but they are being called one, and they don’t like it.

The end result was a lot of people had the wool removed from their eyes. They now see how filthy and low the democrats were in their pavlovian quest to pass anything with a D on it, and the instinctive need to trash anyone in their way. This wool lifted from their eyes, they see that hope and change really means one terrible idea after the next.

Yes Wilmer and Ethel, you have just met the real democrats. And they don’t like you. Shut up unless you are towing the party line.

One thing that had people particularly outraged is the eugenics so madly sought after in the health reform. The bottom line is, the government wants to decide who gets medical care and who is not worthy of the expense. If you are old, fat, a smoker, drug user, or one of those fucking right wingers, don’t bother going to the doctor. They will just tell you that you need to go home, take this pill and lay down and die for the common good. It is not worth the money to fix you.

So who were these terrible people at those town meetings? A lot of them were elderly, disabled, fat, and or in poor health. They did not want to be told that they should go die because they weren’t worth the money and the burden on society.

Rahm Emanual’s brother Zeke is the chief advisor to obama on this health care scam. He is also a well know eugenicist that has long advocated evaluationg one’s worth before considering medical care. This is very real. Yes eugenics is right out of the NAZI’s Third Reich, but it is one of about 100 paralells that there are between obama and the democrats and the nazis.

As if that wasn’t nazi enough, they came up with this business that if you hear about someone misreporting the ‘features’ of the health care scam, you are to report them directly to the whitehouse. Hold it, hold it, what? I am supposed to snitch out my friends and neighbors for private conversations? That is soo incredibly offensive to the American people and ideals that it will likely be a big factor in costing  the legislative majority in 2010 and obama his re-election in 2012.

My next question is, once you have made it ok to kill off the elderly, will you go after the handicapped, the retarded, the deaf or blind,  the people with Downs Syndrome or spina bifita? What about a soldier with his legs blown off? Since obama loathes white people so much, will they be the Jews of WW2, being hauled off in box cars to the holocost?

As long as I am asking questions, exactly what in the constitution empowers the federal government to not only take over 1/5th of the US economy, but to put insurers out of business, and make health care choices for people?

When did my constitutionally garanteed right to life liberty and freedom in the pursuit of happiness become subject to the democrat party whim? Exactly when did we have a constitutional convention to OK that?

I am old, fat, and I smoke. One of my knees is smashed, and my shoulders hurt. They are coming at me, and they are going to tell me that I am not worth fixing, go OD. I don’t think so Tim.

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time by the blood of patriots and tyrants. Tick tock.


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