Introduction to The Wood Shed

Welcome Friends!


This is my first post on my new blog Uncle John’s Wood Shed. I created the Wood Shed as a place to register my opinions and offer up things that I find of interest. We are going to cover some politics here, and maybe a little science and the unusual too.
This isn’t my first blog. I started that one in the mid-90s when I was day trading stocks in the tech boom. In various forms I have been blogging ever since, by my count, 13 years going on 14. I currently run a couple of other blogs, but those are business related, and this is my personal side. I can’t speak out as much as I would like to on my sponsored blogs, mostly because it is off topic there.


When we were kids, the one thing that you didn’t want to have happen was a trip to the wood shed. That usually was the result of doing something wrong, and you were about to be taken to the wood shed to get your little butt spanked. The worst was when you had to go and cut your own willow switch and meet Dad out there. You’d be bawling before you even got to the willow tree, but there was no mercy.

For the past 10 years I have heated my house exclusively with Northern Wisconsin hardwood. I very much enjoy making firewood. It is an outstanding full body workout, and it is usually done in a couple of weeks of fall days in the spectacular northern forest.


I looked at it at length, and I could either go back to the city for 2-3 weeks and work to pay for LP for the winter, or I could heat with wood and spend those three weeks in the fall woods up north. Like that was a contest.. Once the wood is cut, split and stacked, there is a tremendous sense of accomplishment, along with the security of knowing that the winter’s heat is paid for and in stock.

So the wood shed symbolizes both a place of hard work and great accomplishment, and the occasional butt paddling.

There are a lot of people in the world that need a trip or two to the wood shed, and I am just the guy to do it. I am an avid researcher on topics that interest me, my pen is mighty. I have a low tolerance for people doing bad things to our country and other assholes. When I get irked, as my buddy Todd would say, I get on my horse and ride, and really take after the poor guy. If you want to see some of my earlier work, and an example or two of that, check out


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